First Blog Post

posted on 2017-11-10

This is my first post on this blog. It was really difficult to figure out why my posts would not show up but I have outdone myself via trial and error.

The posts need to be put in a folder called ./content/post. Why specifically so? I have no idea, mate.

EDIT: I have now gamed the system. By changing "post" to "posts" in a couple of file, I have altered the way in which the universe functions.

Test Header.

This is to see if org files play well with Hugo. I'll be surprised if they do despite them mentioning it in the docs.

Wow! It works!

Now I will edit the CSS to change the fonts and solarise the living shit out of the colours.

EDIT: Wow! It kinda sucks!

So the formatting is a bit unfortunate. It doesn't even work with tables. This is supposed to be an example of bold text. What the hell, whoever is supposed to fix this.

EDIT 2: Now it works! What.

I swear it wasn't working before. I had to pandoc a whole post to markdown and fix whatever was wrong with it. Screw this.